Dick Blackwell, Founder

As of December 31, 2020 Dick is semi-retired and working part time as needed on special projects.

As founder of Blackwell Engineering, Dick brings over 30 years of valuable engineering expertise to the table.  He earned his BS and MS in civil engineering from Virginia Tech in 1964 and 1966 respectively.  Dick is a registered professional engineer in the state of VA.

Mr. Richard “Dick” Blackwell, Jr. has had a varied background of experience. He began working with a major governmental agency where he supervised construction and the operation of numerous large municipal waste treatment facilities. He then gained experience working for a large paper mill where he became a professional engineer. He worked mainly with water treatment, wastewater treatment, stream sanitation, and air pollution abatement.

As the founding owner of Blackwell Engineering, Dick formed the Company to fill the need for civil engineering in the ever-growing Shenandoah Valley nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.   Dick’s current focus is on public relations and consulting as he is slowly transitioning out of day to day engineering techniques.


  • Registered Professional Engineer, Virginia #005742

Dick not only has been a professional engineer for 38 years, he is also the church founder of Grace Covenant Church here in Harrisonburg, and serves as a director for Grace Network.

For fun, Dick likes to try and keep his golf handicap down, visit his cottage on the Potomac River, work in his garden, and play with his many grandchildren.