Southeast Connector

Southeast Connector Roadway Design
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Southeast Connector is the five lane road that connects every primary commercial corridor that runs from Erickson Avenue to S Main to Port Road to Route 33. Blackwell Engineering was one of the Design Engineers for a portion of the SE Connector project. With our emphasis on the section of road from…. The design included improvements to …. And redesigned intersections, roadways, drainage facilities, sidewalks and bike paths, landscaping and xxx’ bridge???

Blackwell Engineering performed quality management, roadway design, utility coordination, bridge & roadway verification surveys, and designs for drainage and lighting. Also includes installation of box culvert, bioretention basin, storm sewer, water relocation, sanitary sewer relocation, traffic signalization, site concrete and asphalt paving.

The Southeast Connector is a 3.1 mile section from the Harrisonburg City Limits at Route 726 to Route 33 south of Route 704. This proposed facility is intended to provide vital east to west mobility in a region that is experiencing tremendous growth.

The project is 0.6-mile long and extends from 0.1 mile west of the Harrisonburg City limits to 0.5 mile east of the Harrisonburg City limits.

The majority of this roadway will be on new location with intersections at several other routes, including Route 726 (Stone Spring Road), Route 253 (Port Republic Road), Route 710 (Reservoir Street), Route 704 (Boyers Road) and Route 33. It will be a four lane divided Urban Minor Arterial roadway over rolling terrain with a 50 mile-per-hour design speed. It will have 12-foot lanes with 10-foot shoulders that include eight-foot wide paved shoulders and a 16-foot raised median.

The road ties into a City of Harrisonburg project which widens Stone Spring Road to five lanes out to the Rockingham County limits. This project continues the multi-lane facility east through Rockingham County until it intersects with Route 33.

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