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Government Site Plan
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Blackwell Engineering working in conjunction with Mather Architects has designed the site layout for the new City Hall in Harrisonburg. According to the City of Harrisonburg website – “There are several goals for the new City Hall. It will be a fully modern building, which utilizes modern systems, materials and technology. This new building will make a statement about our forward thinking and technology-based future. It is our goal to increase the green space and develop more efficient circulation and accessibility of the site. The existing Municipal Building has served as the City’s main offices since 1967 with no major upgrades. While it will remain a beautiful historic building in downtown, it is in need of significant upgrades to meet current fire and building codes.  All of the services from the existing Community Development and Municipal Buildings will be combined into the new City Hall. Once the new construction is complete, the Community Development building will be removed, while the Municipal Building will remain.”

The site design included site plan, grading, erosion control, stormwater management and water quality.

Photos courtesy of City of Harrisonburg:

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