Collicello North

Collicello North - Rezoning & Site Design
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Blackwell Engineer is the design engineer working with Blue Ridge Architects to develop this 27 unit single family and multi-family unit community. Collicello North will feature “urbanist” principles of smaller homes and narrow streets that promote walking and biking. “It’s not for that person that’s looking for a half-acre and fenced-in backyard,” Dean Weaver, project manager said.

Blackwell Engineering’s site design includes Collicello Street being extended past Fifth Street to VA 42. At the new intersection, traffic can only turn right in and right out. The main entrance to the development will be at Fifth and Collicello streets.

Blackwell Engineering help facilitate the rezoning of two parcels from general industrial and R-2 to R-7 which gives more flexibility with zoning regulations.

Other aspects of the site design include public works, drainage, stormwater management and quality, erosion control, a landscape plan, and the incorporation of three additional private roads.

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