Civil Engineering

At Blackwell Engineering, we’re problem-solvers.  Put us to work finding a great solution for your next land development, environmental or construction management project.  Extensive knowledge of technology and regulations.  You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of the latest engineering technology and our years of engineering experience.

We’ve built exceptional working relationships with Virginia’s state regulatory agencies so we can help you take your project from field to finish. You can build on our reputation at Blackwell Engineering you’ll get results you can build on.

From public works and development projects to flood plain studies and light structural design, you can rely on the extensive civil engineering expertise at Blackwell Engineering. We have the depth of knowledge you need to get your project off the ground and underway. We’ll work with you from start to finish.

Our registered professional engineers are skilled at finding creative solutions for a wide variety of engineering assignments.

Site Development

Repeat business means customers are getting a fair deal. And our clients return again and again because they know they can trust Blackwell Engineering. We take our tradition of service and integrity seriously. Find out today how Blackwell Engineering can help you.

  1. Site Plans
  2. Preliminary plats
  3. Master planning
  4. Pavement design
  5. Road layout & design
  6. Utility layout & design
  7. Residential subdivision
  8. Commercial subdivision
  9. Inspection & bank draw approvals
  10. Erosion control & storm water management plans

Light Structural Design

Builders, developers and homeowners know they can depend on Blackwell Engineering when they need solid design for basic structural features. Call us for an estimate your next project.

  1. Foundation walls and concrete slab systems
  2. Masonry, poured concrete and segmental retaining walls
  3. Bridge design
  4. Concrete structures and steel structures
  5. Wood and timber structures

Hydraulic & Hydrological Designs & Studies

Blackwell Engineering has the expertise to help you with required flood plain analysis or storm water studies, as well as dam, spillway and other drainage designs.

1. FEMA Flood Plain Studies
2. Culvert & Ditch Design
3. Dam & Spillway Design
4. Watershed Storm Water Studies
Specialized Services

Third Party Inspections

Bank Requests
Foundation inspections of HUD-criteria homes required for FHA and VA loans.
Construction Draw Approvals
Field inspections for Owners and financial institutions that photo-document a Contractor’s application for payment and comment on questionable items, if any, in the application.
Building Code Inspections by Certified Personnel
With the permission of the local building department, Third-party inspections are provided by a Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development certified commercial and residential inspector for the Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing trades.

Basic values of our company are honesty, innovativeness and openness

At Blackwell Engineering we strive to be on the cutting edge of engineering technologies while simultaneously treating each of our clients with the utmost respect.


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