Environmental Engineering


Blackwell Engineering provides a wide variety of environmental engineering services for industries, municipalities, and homeowners. We’re passionate about excellence in environmental designs.

In 2008, Rick Blackwell formulated and presented environmental engineering legislation for consideration by the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia. House Bill #1166, was subsequently approved and allows environmental engineers to use creative “best practices” in designing effective and environmentally sound engineering solutions.


Under the oversight of Ed Blackwell, our environmental department designs include:

1.  Wells

2.  Septic systems

Blackwell Engineering offers complete septic system services for homeowners. We’ll use our design expertise to come up with effective solutions for your site, including alternative septic systems.

Getting started on your septic system project

We want your septic system project go smoothly and efficiently.  Please contact us “early in the game” to allow for the quickest design and approval times.

  • Shallow placed drain field6243-14-PUMPED TO ETBED
  • Low-pressure systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Spray irrigation
  • Swale or stream discharge
  • FAST® biological septic system

3.  Drain field placements

4.  Industrial storm water pollution prevention plans & spill plans 

5.  Geo-Environmental Services

Blackwell Engineering offers on-site soils evaluations by authorized soils evaluators and certified soils scientists.  Talk to us about how we can help you evaluate your site to meet government regulations and standards.

6.  UST & AST compliance

7.  Environmental risk assessments

8.  Property transaction screening

9.  Wellhead protection planning

10.  Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I)

11.  Environmental Regulation Services

Government regulations and requirements for large projects can be complex and daunting. Blackwell Engineering has the technical expertise and experience to perform required studies and issue permit applications to get your project moving forward.

  • Environmental studies
  • Air permit applications
  • Environmental permit applications

12.  Water Distribution and Treatment

Blackwell Engineering designs superior, cost-effective water systems for both urban and rural projects. Our clients include municipal authorities, business owners, farmers and individual developers. We’ll help you determine the best system for your project.

  • Pumping & storage
  • Filtration & disinfection
  • Water distribution, treatment & modeling

Virginia Department of Health List of Installers and Operators:


VDH Contact:

Bowles, James H
1900 Thomson Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24505
[email protected]

DPOR Licensed Installers and Operators:


DPOR Contact:

Henshaw, Trisha
[email protected]

Website link for the FAST AOSE system we design:



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